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How to change WordPress Password using phpMyAdmin

Sometimes the Lost Password retrieval tool in WordPress doesn’t work due to an error in your host. In that case, phpMyAdmin helps you to change the wordpress user password by editing the database. phpMyAdmin is a free software tool written in PHP, intended to handle the administration of MySQL over the World Wide Web. phpMyAdmin is a free software. So, most of the hosting providers use phpMyAdmin to allow their customers to handle databases.

Let’s see how to change the wordpress password using this tool. First go to your hosting control panel and open phpMyAdmin. Then select your wordpress database.

Select your WordPress database from a list of available databases


Then click on (wp)_users table.

Click on (wp)_users table


Now click on Browse.

Click on Browse


Select the wordpress username and click Edit.

Edit the user to change password


If you look at the user_pass row, you’ll see a string with random characters in the Value field. It is your encrypted old password. WordPress never stores your password in plain text in your database. This procedure is followed to protect your password from crackers. So, clear it.

Clear the "Value" field in user_pass. (Click on the image to zoom it)


Now, type your new password in Value field, and select MD5 in the Function dropdown. This encrypts your new password again.

Enter your new password in Value field and select MD5 Function


Finally select Save and hit Go button.

Select Save and click on Go button


Now, you’ll see a message appearing above the tables saying that 1 row affected. This indicates that the password has been changed successfully.

phpMyAdmin showing "1 row affected" message after saving changes

You can now login to your wordpress site using the new password.

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  1. kingabel

    thank for this post

  2. yatramantra

    Thanks for this post.But when i tring to modify the the password it updated well but can’t login.Actually i imported the sql file from live server to localhost.I dont know what was went wrong 🙁

  3. kOoLiNuS


  4. Lesley

    Prasanna, This is a great post, I followed all the steps and it worked. Then I went away for a couple of days when I came back to the site I had the same issue, a 404 page came up when I tried to go to wp-admin so I went back to phpmyadmin followed the same steps but this time it does not work. Any advice?

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