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Kannada Comment wordpress plugin

Ever wanted to write comments in Kannada language in your WordPress blog? Well.. I’ve developed a wordpress plugin to help users to write comments in Kannada language. It uses Google Transliteration API to enable google transliteration in wordpress comment form text area.

If you install this plugin in your wordpress site/blog, your readers can leave comments in kannada language. They have to press either “Enable Transliteration’ button or Ctrl+G to write in kannada. Enable Transliteration button is placed at the top of comment form.

You can download this plugin from the official WordPress plugin repository.

Download Kannada Comment Plugin

Download Kannada Comment Plugin

Installation Instructions:

Extract the contents of kannada-comment.zip and upload it to /wp-content/plugins folder. Activate through WordPress Plugins page. Transliterate control switch will be automatically added at the top of wordpress comment form.

Screen shots:

Transliterate controller

Transliterate controller at the top of comment form

Writing Kannada in comment form

Writing comment in Kannada language

You can see the live action of this plugin at vedasudhe.com

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why there is no options page for this plugin?

This is a very simple plugin which just enables Google Transliteration on WordPress comment form. No need to configure anything. I’m working on giving admin an option to enable/disable transliteration by default though. It will be available in the next release.

How can I enable Transliteration by default in the current version?

Open kannada-comment.php file and change transliterationEnabled: false to transliterationEnabled: true

Does it work with Facebook comment, disqus or any other commenting systems?

No, it works with default WordPress commenting system only. Facebook comment, disqus or any other commenting systems are not supported in this plugin.

Will this plugin affect Name, Email and Website fields in WordPress comment form?

No, Transliteration is enabled only for comment form `textarea` only. So, it will not transliterate input text in the above fields.

How to change the position of Transliterate control switch?

Open kannada-comment.php file and replace add_action(‘comment_form_top’, ‘kannada_comment_switch’); with add_action(‘comment_form’,  ‘kannada_comment_switch’); to move transliterate control switch below the comment text area and replace with add_action(‘comment_form_after’,  ‘kannada_comment_switch’); to move at the bottom of comment form. I will add the option to set the position of `Transliterate control switch` in the next release.

How to style the Transliterate control switch?

Transliterate control switch is wrapped with kncomment div and description with kncomment-text class. Use them in your theme to style the controller.

Compatibility with themes

This plugin is tested and works well with default Twenty Eleven theme, Twenty Ten and Graphene themes. It will and should work with other themes as well. If you have any compatibility issues with the other themes, please leave the developer a message with all the information you have.

How can I get help?

Contact the developer using his contact form for help and support. Also, please leave him a message if you are interested in co-development of this plugin.

Other Notes:


Version 1.0: Initial public release.

License: GPLv3

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