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Kannada Twitter Client

What is kannada-twitter?

This is a Kannada interface for Twitter’s API. It enables the users to use use Twitter in Kannada language. All menus, links, instructions and error messages in this application are in Kannada language.


  • It is an open source project. So you can use, modify and spread this with your friends at free of cost.
  • Written in php
  • Works on OAuth. So no need to disclose your twitter password.
  • If MySQL user is enabled, then you can choose a password for kannada-twitter. So you can use this app where twitter is blocked
  • Image uploading is supported via Twitpic.
  • As this application is in Unicode, it can be used in most of the computers as well as in the mobile phones which supports Unicode.


Step 1: Get the code

Get kannada-twitter zip archive from here. Or  you can download kannada-twitter.zip archive from Google codes. Extract the contents of zip archive.

Step 2: Get a web server

  • Kannada-twitter has been designed to work on Apache, with PHP 5.2+ (because it uses the json_decode() function).
  • A great package for running a test server on a Windows box is XAMPP (or XAMPP Lite)
  • You need to copy all the files onto the server for it to work.
  • No database is needed unless you are going for MySQL installation.

Server Requirements

  • PHP 5.2+
  • curl PHP module
  • mcrypt PHP module
  • mod_rewrite apache module
  • Your server must be able to access Twitter.com

Step 3: Configure kannada-twitter

  • Rename config.sample.php to config.php
  • Change ENCRYPTION_KEY in config.php to a random string of gibberish, maximum 52 characters.
  • Paste your twitter Consumer key in OAUTH_CONSUMER_KEY and Consumer Secret in OAUTH_CONSUMER_SECRET. Go to http://dev.twitter.com to get your Consumer key and consumer secret.
  • BASE_URL is worked out automatically, but can be hard coded if you prefer.
  • TWITPIC_API_KEY and FLICKR_API_KEY are optional. If filled in, it enables Twitpic Flickr thumbnails. You can get the Twitpic API key from http://dev.twitpic.com

Step 4: Try it!

Kannada-twitter should now be up and running. There’s no other configuration to do.

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