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Short Link WordPress plugin

Today I hosted my new WordPress plugin Short Link at WordPress plugin repository. Short Link WordPress plugin will add a short link to all posts and optionally for pages after post/page content.

If you are using WordPress pretty permalinks, your post URLs may be too long to share it on micro-blogging sites like twitter and identi.ca. This plugin creates short links or ugly permalinks like http://example.com/?p=123 and will display it after post content. Users can just click on short link to select it. I’ll add an option to copy the URL with a single mouse click in the next release. You can see the working of this plugin in this page itself! See at the bottom of this post to get short link for this post!

Download: Download Short Link WordPress plugin from the official WordPress plugin repository:



  1. Upload the short-link folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the Short Link plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Plugin will automatically add Short Links for blog posts
  4. You can change settings in plugin options page with live demo

See screenshots here – http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/short-link/screenshots/

Support: Post your support requests at plugin’s support forum.

Contribute: You can send patches or add more features to this plugin. Fork the plugin on GitHub. Pull requests are more than welcome.

License: GPL3

Donate: Of course you can help my Open Source projects by making a donation. Thanks!

Short Link:

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1 comment

  1. mr.ahmad


    i need your help to make a plugin for me
    iam using an autoblogged plugin in my wordpress website and at the end of the post i put the source link for the post ,

    i need to change this source link to an internal link

    for example:

    if my website is egylovers.org/news
    and the source link in the end of an extracted post is : egymoe.com/12345.htm

    i want to convert this link to somthing like : egylovers.org/anything/number.html
    this page contained an frame for the source link which have post title and description

    i’ll pay for this plugin if you can make it for me or even edite autoblogged plugin to do this

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