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How to redirect WordPress Feed to Feedburner

There are plenty of WordPress plugins available to redirect your WordPress feed to Feedburner. But they are all just unnecessary plugins. You can redirect your WordPress feed to feedburner by adding just 4 lines of code to your .htaccess file. If it is that simple, why add another plugin load to your WordPress? 🙂 In …

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What is the feed address for twitter search results?

Twitter not just removed the link to RSS feeds for someone’s tweets in his profile, but it also removed the link to feeds in search results. Hopefully feed is still there for search results. But how to get it? Now say thanks again to my firefox bookmark! I’ve bookmarked feed address for some twitter search …

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What is the RSS feed address for my twitter profile?

I had the same question for some time, because there was a link in my twitter profile to the RSS feeds of my tweets . But when Twitter changed over to NewTwitter, that link just disappeared from my profile! I spent some time in searching for the feed address on twitter and finally decided …

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