Sunday, 22nd Jan 2017

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Kannada Comment wordpress plugin

Ever wanted to write comments in Kannada language in your WordPress blog? Well.. I’ve developed a wordpress plugin to help users to write comments in Kannada language. It uses Google Transliteration API to enable google transliteration in wordpress comment form text area. If you install this plugin in your wordpress site/blog, …

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#BeingKannadiga Yes! That’s the top 1 trending topic on twitter now. (zone – India) I’m very happy for #BeingKannadiga 🙂

Kannada Twitter Client

What is kannada-twitter? This is a Kannada interface for Twitter’s API. It enables the users to use use Twitter in Kannada language. All menus, links, instructions and error messages in this application are in Kannada language. Features: It is an open source project. So you can use, modify and spread this with your friends …

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