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How to change WordPress Password using phpMyAdmin

Sometimes the Lost Password retrieval tool in WordPress doesn’t work due to an error in your host. In that case, phpMyAdmin helps you to change the wordpress user password by editing the database. phpMyAdmin is a free software tool written in PHP, intended to handle the administration of MySQL …

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How to change MySQL user password in Cpanel

If you don’t have the Shell access to your server, then changing MySQL database user password within Cpanel would be a painful job. Because no option is given in Cpanel to change the MySQL user password. So you’ve to delete that user and add another user with the same name. Here I’m gonna show you …

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Dabr MySQL installation

Dabr requires no database for normal installation. But you need a database to store the “username”, “oauth_key”, “oauth_secret” and the password of an user. This post shows how to get into Dabr MySQL installation. Use database wizard to create a database and an user (username). Grant all privileges for that user. Then, edit config.php …

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