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how to create a twitter bot

In my previous post I’ve given a php script which can be used to create twitter bots. Here I’m explaining how to create twitter bot using that app. No coding skills are required to create bot using the above script. Before going through this article, please make sure that you’ve, 1. a twitter …

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Dabr MySQL installation

Dabr requires no database for normal installation. But you need a database to store the “username”, “oauth_key”, “oauth_secret” and the password of an user. This post shows how to get into Dabr MySQL installation. Use database wizard to create a database and an user (username). Grant all privileges for that user. Then, edit config.php …

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Kannada Twitter Client

What is kannada-twitter? This is a Kannada interface for Twitter’s API. It enables the users to use use Twitter in Kannada language. All menus, links, instructions and error messages in this application are in Kannada language. Features: It is an open source project. So you can use, modify and spread this with your friends …

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