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Twiget Twitter Widget version 1.1 released

Twiget Twitter Widget

Twitter API version 1.0 retired last month. Since then our Twiget Twitter Widget WordPress plugin has stopped working. Yesterday we released Twiget Twitter Widget version 1.1. It is now fully compatible with Twitter API 1.1 Retrieving someone’s tweets is not so easy with Twitter API 1.1. All requests to Twitter …

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My Twitter archive

Request your archive option in twitter settings page

I got my twitter archive yesterday. I was waiting for it ever since they announced about the archive of individual’s tweets. I wanted to see my first ever tweet! I do not always use twitter web. So, I don’t know when my account got archive option. But when I visited settings page yesterday, there was …

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TinyURL WordPress Plugin

You all know the importance of Tiny URLs. They are very convenient to share a web page on microblogging sites like twitter and identi.ca, where the number of characters itself is limited to some 140 letters. Tiny URL is my new WordPress plugin. This TinyURL WordPress Plugin creates a …

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Twitter has 140 character limit. Really?!

Tweet containing more than 140 characters. Click to enlarge image

Twitter has a 140 character limit for tweets. Well, look at this tweet, and count the letters! It has more than 140 characters. So, what’s the hack behind this? (Click on the below image to enlarge it) Embedded original tweet. It was retweeted more than 38883 times!

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#BeingKannadiga Yes! That’s the top 1 trending topic on twitter now. (zone – India) I’m very happy for #BeingKannadiga 🙂

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