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Tweaking previous and next post links in Graphene Theme

Graphene Theme shows previous/next post links above the current post. It is a nice feature which makes it easier for your blog readers to read your previous or next post. But if the post titles are too long, they may span across two lines and give your site an uglier look. It doesn’t look nice. …

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Centering Menus in Graphene Theme

Header and Secondary menus in Graphene Theme are left aligned. You can align them centre using some CSS code. Centering menus is quite easy. Just add this to Custom CSS or child-theme style.css #header-menu { display: table !important; margin: 0 auto !important; }#header-menu { display: table !important; margin: 0 auto !important; } This aligns the …

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jQuery drop down menu in Graphene Theme

Drop down menus in the Graphene Theme works absolutely fine. But it shows sub menu items immediately when you hover on parent menu item. You can enhance the drop down menu UX with some jQuery animation. Follow this post to have a jQuery drop down menu in your site powered by …

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Fixed position Graphene theme header menu

The Graphene theme header menu is placed just below the header image. It scrolls up/down with the page itself. So, the navigation menu is not visible all the time. But, it is possible to change it’s relative position to fixed position by adding some CSS code to Custom CSS …

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Styling first paragraph of posts

If you look at the first paragraph of this post, you can see that it is slightly different from the rest of the entry in terms of style. It has a different font, colour and the size is bigger than usual. This is one of the recent changes I’ve made in this site. Actually, I …

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