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Fixed position Graphene theme header menu

The Graphene theme header menu is placed just below the header image. It scrolls up/down with the page itself. So, the navigation menu is not visible all the time. But, it is possible to change it’s relative position to fixed position by adding some CSS code to Custom CSS …

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How to add date to Graphene Theme Top Bar

Date in Graphene Top Bar

If you look at top bar of my website, you can see the current date in red text. Date and time gives a dynamic look for any websites. You too can show current date/time on your website. In this post, I’m gonna show you how to add date to Graphene Theme Top Bar. There are …

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Plugin Update: Custom Recent Posts Widget – 2.0

I’ve updated one of my WordPress plugins, “Custom Recent Posts Widget”. You can download the latest version from official wordpress plugin repository. What’s new in this version? In version 2.0, I’ve added another widget called Custom Recent Posts by Tags which lets you show recent posts based on …

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How to change / translate a string in Graphene Theme

"About the author" title in author info box

Let’s start with an example. Graphene Theme shows post author’s info after the post content. It has the title “About the author“. But you wanted it to be “About me” or something else. How do you change it? You can change this by hacking the theme core or by editing the language file. But your …

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Follow WordPress Category Feeds plugin

Category feed links

Just like the normal WordPress blog feed, categories and tags also has feeds. Those category feeds are located at site.url/category/categoryname/feed. Some people wants to follow certain categories in your site. So, if you add the category feed links within your posts, it will become easy for them to follow their favourite topics. Sounds great! Isn’t …

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