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Styling first paragraph of posts

If you look at the first paragraph of this post, you can see that it is slightly different from the rest of the entry in terms of style. It has a different font, colour and the size is bigger than usual. This is one of the recent changes I’ve made in this site. Actually, I …

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How to remove WordPress version from head section

For security reasons, it is a good practice to remove the automatically generated WordPress version numbers from the head section of the page. Here is a custom function to remove those unwanted WordPress version information from all pages. You can add this code to your (child) theme’s functions.php file. function wordpress_version_remove() { return ”; } …

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Adding hover effect for Graphene social media icons

Graphene social media icons in normal condition.

Social media icons in the Graphene top bar looks more elegantly if you add hover effect to it. For example, if you mouseover the twitter icon in top bar, it gets highlighted. Move your pointer over social media icons in my top bar for a live action or look at these images. This is how …

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How to exclude categories in wordpress recent posts widget?

Two different Recent Posts Widgets

Sometimes you may need to exclude some categories from wordpress recent posts widget. But unfortunately wordpress has given no option to do it in default recent posts widget. Then how can you control the recent posts widget? Well, everything is possible if you know how to play with wordpress ;-). Here is a small php …

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Graphene Slider on other pages

By default Graphene theme shows Slider only on frontpage. But you can display the slider on other pages by using a child theme. It needs some coding knowledge, but it is not so difficult to do that. Follow these steps to get slider on other pages as well. (If you’re already using child …

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