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What’s New in WordPress 3.3

Wordpress Toolbar

WordPress.org released the new version of wordpress called “WordPress 3.3 Sonny” on December 13. It has some new features which users would love to use all the time. Here are the some major changes that a common user can notice. New Toolbar: It’s the combination of admin bar and the old Dashboard header. It …

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How to enable Homepage Panes in Graphene Theme

Last week I changed the layout of my site’s homepage. Earlier it was showing my latest posts. But now it is displaying a welcome note and post excerpts of some latest posts in two columns. This is actually a Graphene theme feature. After I made changes in frontpage layout, some of the Graphene theme …

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Fix: “WordPress SEO by Yoast” prints site title twice

If you are using “WordPress SEO by Yoast” plugin, then you may have noticed that it prints the site name two times in page title. For example, if the site name is MY BLOG, then it prints “post title – MY BLOG – MY BLOG“. This is a common issue in hard coded themes. They …

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How to display code in WordPress post

wp-syntax button on visual editor

When you try to display HTML, php or any other code in wordpress blog posts, it executes the code instead of displaying it. So you’ll see the implementation of your code in the post. Even <code> or <tt> tags will not help you to display the exact code in the post. Then how can you …

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Where to put Google Analytics code in WordPress?

When you register your site at Google Analytics, it gives a piece of JavaScript and tells you to put that code immediately before the </head> tag on your site. Thats a tricky thing if you are using WordPress as CMS in your site. Because it is almost impossible to put the code on …

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