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What’s New in WordPress 3.3

WordPress.org released the new version of wordpress called “WordPress 3.3 Sonny” on December 13. It has some new features which users would love to use all the time.

Here are the some major changes that a common user can notice.

New Toolbar:

It’s the combination of admin bar and the old Dashboard header. It looks pretty descent. But it may take some time for a common user to understand its functionality.

Wordpress Toolbar

The all new "Wordpress Toolbar"

Flyout Menus:

When you hover over each main menu item in your dashboard navigation, the submenus will magically appear, providing single-click access to any dashboard screen. It certainly saves much time and clicks.

Flyout menus

Flyout menus in Dashboard

Drag-and-Drop Media Uploader:

WordPress 3.3 comes with an awesome media uploader. Just Drag the media files from your desktop and drop it in the uploader. No more “Browse files” ways. It automatically detects the type of the media uploaded. So adding media files to your posts will become a fun play.. They’ve also added the rar and 7z file formats to the list of allowed file types in the uploader.

Grag and Drop media files

Drag and Drop media files feature in WordPress 3.3

Better Co-Editing:

WordPress Warns you when a co-editor is editing the same page you’re trying to edit. So no more conflicts in editing posts in a multi author blog.

Tumblr Importer:

WordPress 3.3 comes with a Tumblr Importer tool which makes it easier to import content from Tumblr to wordpress.

Widget Improvements:

Changing themes often requires widget re-configuration based on the number and position of sidebars. Now if you change back to a previous theme, the widgets will automatically go back to how you had them arranged in that theme.

New Welcome Screen:

WordPress welcomes user with some basic informations after a fresh install and WordPress update.

Changes in the Back end of  WordPress which a normal user cannot notice.

Miscellaneous Changes

Flexible Permalinks:

You have more freedom when choosing a post permalink structure. Skip the date information or add a category slug without a performance penalty.

Post Slugs: Less Funky:

Funky characters in post titles (e.g. curly quotes from a word processor) will no longer result in garbled post slugs.

jQuery and jQuery UI:

WordPress now includes the entire jQuery UI stack and the latest version of jQuery: 1.7.1.


This handy method will tell you if a WP_Query object is the main WordPress query or a secondary query.

WP_Screen API:

WordPress has a nice new API for working with admin screens. Create rich screens, add help documentation, adapt to screen contexts, and more.

Editor API Overhaul:

The new editor API automatically pulls in all the JS and CSS goodness for the editor. It even supports multiple editors on the same page.

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  1. Josh

    Well, this is the first time I have taken a moment to explore your site. You are quite the blogger! I love what you have done with the theme; and your content is clear and concise as well. It’s obvious you have put a lot of time and “love’ into this website.

    I’ll let you in on a little secret (posting here for everyone to see)… I usually don’t reveal my age too easily, but I think it’s important to reinforce the comment I am getting ready to make. I just turned 36…

    I really envy your generation coming into the technology we have today. I remember when I was 18, and the internet was ‘just’ available to the public. Oh yeah… I’m talking about the days of pure HTML. Just to see how far we have come in the last 20 years makes me wonder what’s going to happen during the next 20.

    Thanks for all your help, my friend. It’s always a pleasure to meet someone from halfway around the world, and develop the type of working relationship we share.

    Good luck with all you do in life!!

    – Your friend
    – Josh

    1. Prasanna SP

      Thanks for your comments Josh! I was inspired by your site while building this one. You have a beautiful site on your side. I like those customizations.. And, you’re doing a wonderful job in developing Ultimate TinyMCE.. I’m becoming a slave to it.. 😉

      – Prasanna SP

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