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WordPress Plugins

WordPress is a great CMS and blogging tool. It just works fine on it’s own. But, sometimes you need some more functions. You can extend it’s functionality by using Plugins. I’ve developed a few WordPress Plugins to meet some of your requirements. You can find them below.

Like WordPress, these plugins are freely available under GPL license. However, I greatly appreciate donations!

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Twiget Twitter Widget Configuration

TwiGet Twitter Widget

Twiget Twitter Widget lets you display your latest twitter status updates in any of the widgetized areas. Just add the Twiget Twitter Widget to your sidebar or any of the widget areas and enter your twitter username. It will display your latest tweets along with a follow @username button to make it easier for people …

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Custom Recent Posts Widget

Custom Recent Posts Widget

This plugin creates a new widget which lets you show a list of recent posts based on categories or tags. This is a must have plugin if you want to exclude some categories in recent posts widget or if you want to show recent posts based on tags. By default the wordpress recent posts widget …

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Follow WordPress Category Feeds in my test site

Follow WordPress Category Feeds

Just like the normal WordPress site feed, wordpress categories and tags also has feeds. The category feed is located at site.url/category/categoryname/feed. This plugin automatically adds the RSS feed link to the current post categories after the post content. By default the plugin shows category feed link on single posts. You can change it’s settings to …

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Short Link on a post as seen in firefox

Short Link

Short Links are easy to remember and share. If you are using WordPress pretty permalinks, your post URLs may be too long to share it on microblogging sites like twitter and This plugin shows Short Link a.k.a ugly default URLs after your post or page content. Short Links will be like You can …

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tiny-url screenshot

Tiny URL

This plugin shows Tiny URL for each of your blog posts after post content. Tiny URLs are great for sharing your posts on micro-blogging sites like twitter, etc., This plugin sends the URL of current post or page to and gets a Tiny URL for the same. Then it shows that …

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WordPress Recent Posts by Tags

This plugin creates a new widget which allows you to show recent posts by tags. The default Recent Posts widget in WordPress shows recent posts belonging to all categories. But this plugin gives you the option to show recent posts by tags. It is helpful if you are mainly using tags to categorize your posts. …

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Kannada Comment

This plugin enables Google Transliteration in wordpress comment form. So your blog readers can leave comments in Kannada script without the need of any other input engines. This is a great step to encourage people to write comments in Kannada language in your Kannada blog. This plugin adds a transliteration controller at the top of …

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Mankutimmana Kagga

Mankutimmana Kagga, composed by Dr. D.V.Gundappa is one of the best known of the major literary works in Kannada. It is widely regarded as a masterpiece among the Kannada speaking population of southern India. This plugin creates a widget which shows a random verse from Mankutimmana Kagga. You can add this widget to any widgetized …

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