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Mankutimmana Kagga

Mankutimmana Kagga, composed by Dr. D.V.Gundappa is one of the best known of the major literary works in Kannada. It is widely regarded as a masterpiece among the Kannada speaking population of southern India. This plugin creates a widget which shows a random verse from Mankutimmana Kagga. You can add this widget to any widgetized area.

Most of the poems are taken from this site. Visit this page on Wikipedia for more information on Mankutimmana Kagga as well as Dr. D.V.Gundappa.


Latest version: Download Mankutimmana Kagga v1.1 [zip]


  1. Upload the kagga folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the Mankutimmana Kagga plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Go to Appearance –> Widgets to add the Mankutimmana Kagga widget to any widgetized areas, such as sidebars.


Q. How many poems are there?
A. There are actually 945 peoms in Mankutimmana Kagga. But this plugin has just over 200 poems. I’ll add more poems in the future updates.

Q. How to style the widget?
A. The poem output wrapped in <p> tag with kagga ID and class. Use #kagga or .kagga in your Custom CSS to style it.

Q. Can I add more poems to this plugin?
A. Yeah, sure! You can add more poems to this plugin. Just open kagga.txt and add new kaggas at the bottom of the file. If you send me the updated file, I’ll upload it to wordpress plugin repository.

Q. How can I contact you?
A. Use my contact form to shoot me an email.


  1. Mankutimmana Kagga when added to sidebar. You can change it's title.

    Mankutimmana Kagga when added to sidebar. You can change it’s title.

  2. Mankutimmana Kagga in Appearance > Widgets

    Mankutimmana Kagga in Appearance > Widgets

  3. Mankutimmana Kagga widget showing another random poem

    Mankutimmana Kagga widget showing another random poem

  4. Another Kagga

    Another Kagga

  5. Mankutimmana Kagga widget showing a random poem

    Mankutimmana Kagga widget showing a random poem



  • Added 100 more kaggas
  • Moved kaggas to a separate file (kagga.txt)


  • Initial public release.

Permanent link to this article: http://www.prasannasp.net/wordpress-plugins/kagga/


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  1. Prashanth Kota


    Great to see that you have a plug in for this. I have a few suggestions though 😉

    1. Let me give you the entire collection available on my site till date (750).
    2. If a person clicks on it, can you take it to the translation site directly to that verse?

    I guess, to achieve 2, both you and I have to put some custom coding.

    Let me know if you are interested in taking this forward.


    1. Rajesh

      I’ve visited your site as well Prashanth. it’s a phenomenal job. My day is not complete , if i don’t visit and share one of your kagga’s with my friends 🙂

      Thank you !

  2. Manjunath Reddy

    Thank you so much for sharing such a great plugin, Keep doing

  3. Jayaram

    Please send me the poem ” Naguvu Sahajada Dhama, Nagisuvudu para Dharma, Naguta, nagisuta… “

    1. Dinesh

      Excellent both Prashanth & Prasanna.

      Great! thanks both for your efforts.

  4. Kishan kumar

    awesome ….!!

  5. Lingeh

    please post the verse ‘jagavella nagutirali jagadaluvu nanagirali’ verse …
    lingesh sangur—facebook

  6. Rajesh

    you have done an awesome job 🙂 this is a great tribute to our DVG

    Best way to keep this precious knowledge alive and transfer to the next generation

  7. Chandrashekar.P.M

    You are doing good work.I am visiting often and often to your site for collecting information about Kaggas. From last ten days along with good morning message every day I am sending one kagga with meaning to my friends and groups in Whatsapp .

  8. Prof.Shivashankar s.g

    Great job. Keep it up

  9. Lohith

    Hi prasanna,

    Great work. Good website and ur plugins.
    I was looking for a wp plugin for while, i ended up in ur website.
    Thanks a lot pal


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