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Short Link

Short Links are easy to remember and share. If you are using WordPress pretty permalinks, your post URLs may be too long to share it on microblogging sites like twitter and identi.ca. This plugin shows Short Link a.k.a ugly default URLs after your post or page content. Short Links will be like http://example.com/?p=123. You can just click on it to select the Short Link. Copy it and you’re ready to share your page on the web! The default title for Short Links is “Short Link:”. You can change it for posts and pages in plugin options page.

Demo: See demo of this plugin here – Short Link WordPress plugin demo

Support: Please post your support questions at Short Link plugin support forum

Visit this page for more WordPress Plugins from the developer.

How to style the output?

The output of this plugin is wrapped in <p> tag. Use .short-link CSS class to style it

.short-link {
color: #FF0000;


Latest version: Download Short Link v1.0 [zip]


  1. Upload the short-link folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the Short Link plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Plugin will automatically add Short Links for blog posts
  4. You can change settings in Short Link options page with live demo


Q. Where can I get help from?
A. Post your questions or report issue in the support forum. You can directly contact the developer using this contact form.

Q. Does it show Short Link for pages as well?
A. Yes, it does. But, you need to enable this feature on Short Link plugin options page.


  1. Short Link on a post as seen in firefox

    Short Link on a post as seen in firefox

  2. Short Link as seen in Chromium Browser

    Short Link as seen in Chromium Browser

  3. Short Link selected in click

    Short Link selected in click

  4. Short Link plugin options page

    Short Link plugin options page



  • Initial public release.

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